Friday, January 28, 2011

Romance of the Tropics #7, version 1

I continue to dwell on the "gay male body," the lush florid (a) subtropics, the beach, HIV/AIDS, friends lost, and found, sex and pleasure, youth and age, life and death. I have a great deal of personal iconography that appears in these works; airplanes, antique and modern clocks, Magritte's Castle of the Pyrenees processed through the World War II Observation Towers to be found on beaches up and down the Atlantic seaboard, butterflies, drops of blood and that other specifically male body fluid, the 1960’s flying saucer located at the Airport in  lower Sussex County, DE., Hibiscus blossoms and other tropical bloom, my silver foil man, Isaac “Stolzfuts,” flying triangles and wedges, thin stripes of color that divide the picture plain into sections, and, finally, Distressed paint templates. I leave it to the viewer to create their own narrative based on these elements, though I have constructed my own semiotic system around them.